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Attention Magazine October 2020

I’m Fine, Thank You Very Much!

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC


Supporting Successful Transition to High School

Mark Katz, PhD


Should My Child Be Evaluated for ADHD During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Alison Pritchard and Danielle Wexler

Here are the questions to consider before deciding whether now is the time to pursue an in-person or remote telehealth evaluation.

Limiting Screen Time During a Pandemic: A Guide for Parents

Clifford Sussman

Is it okay to leave kids with ADHD to their own devices? How can we set limits in a lockdown?

Balancing Virtual and Classroom Learning

Ann Dolin, MEd

You don’t want to be the “homeschool police.” You do want your child to have a successful school year—whatever it looks like.

Executive Functioning Disorder and Mathematics

Bradley Witzel

The math learning process does not need to stop when students struggle; instead, they need more effective strategies.

Teaching Executive Skills in Middle School

Sue Ball and Laurie Faith

A look at the Barriers & Strategies Protocol, a model program that is good for all learners.

Adult ADHD and Emotions

Jonathan Hassall

You can learn how to tend to your emotionally reactive cycles.

Going to College Online with ADHD

Ruth Hughes PhD

Last spring’s abrupt shift to virtual classes now extends into this fall. With these expert tips and strategies, students with ADHD can meet the challenge of virtual classes.

Keeping Organized Goes Beyond a Task List

Carey Heller and Jeff Copper

Visual working memory, self-regulation, and advocacy play important roles in team organization, especially for adults with ADHD.

Video Games in Assessing and Treating ADHD

Yuanyuan Jiang and Lauren Haack