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Attention Magazine Winter 2017-18

Parents, Don’t Let Your Disappointment Defeat You

Rita Eichenstein

You can’t pretend your way out of your feelings, but you can come to terms with them and learn how to manage them.

First Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask: Be a Better Parent by Caring for Yourself

Sarah Wayland PhD

Raising children with neurodevelopmental differences can be challenging. Strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy can help you cope.

A Parent’s Guide to Healthy Video Game and Internet Use for Children with ADHD

Clifford Sussman

You can successfully navigate your loved ones through a digital world. Here’s how.

How Do I Get My Kid to Talk TO Me Instead of AT Me or NOT At All?

Cindy Goldrich EdM, ADHD-CCSP

Our children need us to actively teach them the art of a productive conversation.

Steps to Take Before Sending Your Student to College

Katherine McGavern

Crossing your fingers is not a strategy.

Put Down the Stick, Pick Up a Feather: Adult ADHD & Self-Criticism

Elaine Taylor-Klaus MCC, CPCC

Years of speaking to ourselves in ways we would never speak to others are deeply ingrained.

Do You Know ADHD?

Melissa Orlov

Correctly interpreting ADHD behaviors can change your family’s life.

ADHD and Criminal Justice, Part One: The Punishment Mindset and School Discipline

Linda Swanson MA, PCC, PCAC

The statistics regarding prison inmates with ADHD are shocking. How did we get here? Is the tide turning?

Are Concussion and ADHD Related?

David A. Baron

As researchers learn more about each condition, the links will become clearer and may help in the discovery of better treatments.

2017 Young Scientist Research Awards

Zuali Malsawma

No Abstract

ADHD & Teen Pregnancy; Micronutrients & Behavior Improvement

Meghan Miller

No Abstract

The Riding for Focus School Cycling Program

Mark Katz, PhD

No Abstract