Screen Time and Sleep During the Pandemic

Attention Magazine April 2022

  What kinds of difficulties did children and adolescents with ADHD experience with screen use and sleep during the pandemic? This research update reviews two recent studies. The first study found that compared to those who had less problematic digital media use, youth with ADHD who had more problematic use showed worse attention levels, more…

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Internet Addiction and ADHD

There’s lots of talk and concern about screen time these days. It’s not uncommon for someone to say “OMG, I’m totally addicted to the internet/my phone/etc.” That’s probably not a medically accurate diagnosis. But can you be addicted to the internet? Can you even be addicted to anything that isn’t a drug? The answer is…

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A Parent’s Guide to Healthy Video Game and Internet Use for Children with ADHD

THE DIGITAL AGE HAS NOT ONLY ARRIVED, but by now it has settled in. As a child and adolescent psychiatrist specializing in internet and video game addiction, I see the most extreme cases of problematic internet and video game use, leading to catastrophic consequences in grades, social life, emotional well-being, and relationships with family members.…

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