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Attention Magazine April 2020

CHADD Awards Presented at the 2019 Conference


Risky Behaviors Associated with ADHD

Lauren Haack and Ashley Maliken


Home-School Collaboration: It’s Important for Children with ADHD

Yuanyuan Jiang, Pooneh Montazeralsedgh and Chantelle Blair

Consistency in implementing treatment programs requires effective communication and partnership between parents and teachers.

New Guidelines for ADHD and Complex ADHD

Karen Sampson Hoffman and Robert J. Cattoi

  • AAP Revises ADHD Guidelines
  • SDBP Releases New Guideline for Complex ADHD

Beyond “Oppositional Defiant Disorder”

Dan Shapiro

Most children with challenging behaviors have a constellation of developmental differences, all existing in dynamic interplay.

Helpful Lessons for Raising Challenging Kids

Anonymous Educator

With three children diagnosed at different ages, she’s gained a lot of wisdom.

An ADHD Assessment Might Set You Free—No Matter Your Age

Laura MacNiven

It’s about helping you dig into yourself, so that you can take the steps you want to take..


Choosing the Best Medication for Adult ADHD

Oren W. Mason

Finding the best regimen is a process, largely based on trial and error. Here’s what you need to know.

Internet Addiction and ADHD

Todd Love

Why are people with ADHD susceptible to this biologically based medical issue? What kind of treatment is available?

Is it Time to Evaluate Your Relationship with Alcohol?

CHADD Volunteer Leader

Many options for support are available to those now choosing a break, reduction, or sobriety.

Foraging for Information

Jeff Copper

Being a passionate learner is a good thing, but it can get in the way of life.

Understanding Meltdowns: The ADHD Volcano Model

Monica Hassall RN

Dealing with poor self-esteem, yelling, rage, or tears? A new model helps to explain challenging and sometimes explosive behaviors.

Calling All “Brains”: How to ADHD

Mark Katz, PhD