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Attention Magazine February 2021

I Don’t Speak to You That Way. Please Show Me Some Respect!

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC


PAX Tools

Mark Katz, PhD


Is Exposure to Nature Related to ADHD Symptoms?

Yuanyuan Jiang and Roxana Manoiu


Addressing Barriers and Disparities: Black Americans and ADHD

We highlight recent All Things ADHD podcasts featuring guest experts Brandi Walker, PhD, Evelyn Polk Green, MSEd, and Nekeshia Hammond, PsyD.

Text Support for ADHD

Joseph Biederman

Learn about SOFIA, a simple digital health program created to support families of children with ADHD.

Ten Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed Socially When They Return to School

Jeffrey Kranzler

As your child navigates difficult social interactions, use these concrete steps to provide support.

Help Your Child with Screen Resistance or Anxiety in Distance Learning

Allison Sibley

One family therapy practice compiled suggestions that worked for both clients and their own families.

Promoting Resilience Among Children and Teens During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Colleen M. Cummings, Anahi Collado, and Mary Alvord

We can foster the ability to adapt well to challenging circumstances among children. Here’s how.

Your Lifestyle Will Determine Your Future

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD

A summary of the takeaways from the keynote address by Kathleen Nadeau, PhD, at the 2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD.

Evidence-Based Coaching for Adults with ADHD

Lisa Joy Tuttle

Learning to live well with ADHD is a lifelong pursuit. Though the road can be bumpy, coaching provides proven methods that can help pave the way for an enjoyable journey.

Would an ADHD Coach Make Sense for Me?

Katherine McGavern

Get your questions answered in this quick introductory guide to ADHD coaching.

Spotlight on Emerging ADHD Researchers

Zuali Malsawma