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Attention Magazine June 2021

Bomb-Proof Your Jokes

Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC


Is ADHD Related to Creativity?

Yuanyuan Jiang and Minyeong Cho


LEAP: Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Mark Katz, PhD


ADHD and the Myth of the Bad Parent

Dan Shapiro

Parents of children with ADHD deserve the support of hard science and soft hearts.

The Attention “Deficit” Myth

Alison Pritchard

When a child has ADHD, much depends on whether an activity is preferred.

Introducing Pocket MD

In collaboration with the CDC, CHADD’s National Resource Center now provides podcast-based training and continuing education for healthcare professionals.

Know What They Need: Help Your Child Recharge and Review This Summer

Ann Dolin, MEd

Strike the balance between learning and leisure by keeping your child engaged with both unstructured learning activities and intentional study time.

Quiet Your Inner Critic

Mark Bertin and Karen Bluth

When we drop the stories we tell ourselves, we open ourselves up to new possibilities.

Disclose Your ADHD? What to Consider First

Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

Relationships of all kinds do best with the right level of disclosure.

Your Strengths Are Your Superpowers

Kirsten Milliken

Reframe your thinking about your challenges.

Find the Right Organizational System for You

Carey Heller, PsyD

Stop trying to fit yourself into a specific app or tool. Identify your needs and seek what fits you.

Providing Perspective Through My ADHD Story

Mallory Band

She shares her story with her students because she was them.